The Motion of the Ocean

by Wrip

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All songs written by Wrip

Recorded by Reise Moran

Mixed and mastered by Ryan Ellery

Album artwork by Nicky Rat and Reise Moran

Additional guitar on "I Don't Want To" provided by Shayan Akhtari


released October 13, 2017


all rights reserved



Wrip California


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Track Name: The Tide
With a surfboard in my hands
And my feet stuck in the sand
I'll take my chance on you
We'll play it where it lies
I'll stay here for the night
It's true

I can't see
Where you are
Inside me
Crush my heart
Tell it's true
I need you
Oh I do (oh I do)

Feel the bright sunshine
On this 15 hour drive
The tide will pull me in
The current's strong, I won't fight
The waves crash in the bay
And the sky will fade to grey
And the moonlight shines on a better time
When you weren't in my mind
Track Name: I Don't Want To
The sunset fades when the summer ends
I'm still out with all my friends
I'm alright

I missed my chance to reach your phone
The ocean makes me feel alone
It's fine

And I won't call you
And I don't want to
You've changed too soon
And I'm not ready to let go
Of all we've been through
I wish you'd stay true
You need to get through
All these empty days you seem to call your own

Promises I make and stall
I hope this sand will break my fall
I'm alright

I've run out of things to say
So waste away another day
It's fine
I'm alright
Track Name: Red Eye Flight
I'll be home for the summer
The waves seem bigger than before
Wasting time with each other
Holding you by the shore

I'll take my time
We'll be alright

Red eye flight was a drag
Found myself back in the sun
The times with you were the best I've ever had
Made me feel like I was the only one
Track Name: I Need To Go
I can't get away from you
And I need to escape, it's true
'Cause you know I've got nothing left to lose
And I like to float far away from the truth

I feel so alone
Your touch pulls me into the undertow
I have never known
It feels as if these waves will never go

I am drifting by
Losing my head and coming up dry
I feel myself drowning below
I need to go, I need to go
Track Name: Midwest Sun
Don't ask me if I'm fine
Summer's still here
But in a few weeks I will fly
It isn't right
And I miss you all the time
Midwest sun fades tonight
And I followed all the signs
Rocks in the sand that we may never find
I think it's time
I can't get you off my mind
And as I start to drown I fall behind
The ocean screams your name
Sequoia's in the distance softly start to sway
It's not the same
The timing's all to blame
Finding your true self is all a game
Is it okay for me to leave?
Or is everyone wondering?
Is it fine for you to leave?
Or is it still settling?
Track Name: Silhouette
In a silk, black dress
Come down to me
With a sweet melody
I've got the cards to bet
What's in my head
Is better off dead

Is it wrong to love
I can't see your face
But I can feel your touch
I'm so glad we me
I've lost the loner in me
Can I see you again?
Track Name: Slowly
I can tell by the way you smile
And how you hold you head
With everything you've done
And everything you've said
I never crossed your mind
I was never in
Did you ever realize
That I was just a kid?

I'm sinking slowly but you won't pick me up
The floor is holding me but you've had enough
I'm losing sleep and now you're losing days
Why am I sorry for how you misbehave?
Track Name: Glow
I've seen your high
When I was your low
I've set you off
And I've watched you glow
I've seen the signs
They hang over my head
They won't get to me
So don't hold your breath

You have become so dim
I wish you'd let me in
Track Name: What Do I Have To Lose?
It's not easy to watch you walk through
The water turns into dark blue
The mountains have started to move, yeah
You still never told me the truth
So what do I have to lose?

So what do I have to lose when I walk out on you?
So what do I have to do to make the story new?
Why do I have to choose? There's nothing left to prove
'Cause love is a game, but I'm still trying to play
Track Name: Runner
You were always lying like a kid
Talking 'bout the things you never did
That happened to the ones you called your friends
Do you ever think about what could have been?

You said you'd never let a good thing change
Promised everything would be the same
You said these memories would all remain
But you brought a whole new meaning to your name

And I don't understand how you did that summer
Spending all those months as a runner
Trying to forget it all and just move on
You never thought that I would just be done
Track Name: Take A Swim
I know
The color of the sky won't bring you in
I've counted down the days, they're wearing thin
So take a swim
I won't let you in
My head has been spinning
And you said I was never the one to blame
So why are you raining down on my name?
It's not the same
What had to change?
Well that is just a shame
And I remember that you said this'd never end
But everyday you seem to play pretend
Don't call again
I'm not your friend
You will never listen
And still your daddy thinks that we were meant to be
But now I'm by myself along the street
So leave me be
I disagree
I'll be right by the sea

(So take a swim, I'm not your friend)

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